Stars Cabaret (Beaverton/Bridgeport Village) Club Reveiw

I have worked for the Stars chain of clubs since 2001. I’ve worked at every location and I’ve even held a position as a paid staff member for a while. This is my favorite place to work for many reasons, and all of them boil down to the owners actually want their clubs to be successful.

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This review is only for the Beaverton and Bridgeport Village locations. There are different pricing and policies at the other locations.

Here you will find two different reviews. The first is for customers to get an idea of what kind of club this is and what to expect when they arrive. The second is for dancers to decide if this is the right club for them. Please comment if I forgot anything or if you have an experience you’d like to share.

Stars Cabaret, Bridgeport Village Map

Stars Cabaret, Beaverton Map

Posted 7/3/2014

For Customers



Hours of Operation: 11am-2:30am

Parking: Free and ample. No valet at either location aside from special events.

Cover Charge: No cover for matinee performances,  $6-8 per person (after 4pm)

Dances: There are 4 stages in the showroom at each of these clubs and 2 private dance areas. The lap dances are $40 for a single song, 3/$100. Champagne rooms are $250 for half an hour/$500 per hour plus complimentary sparkling wine. Higher mileage on day shift, but this is hit or miss. Please let your dancer know your lap dance expectations before just taking liberties. Not all dancers are comfortable with high mileage.

Food/Beverages: Both clubs offer a full bar and full kitchen. The club offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Menu prices are reasonable. Happy Hour is from 4-6pm daily. Full bar available at both clubs. Limited beer and wine selection. Excellent selection of spirits. Corkage fee $40.

Games: The Bridgeport location offers Video Lottery games. Video Lottery is coming soon to the Beaverton Location.

ATM/Credit card processing available at both locations.

Girls: Dancers are of all ethnicity but majority Caucasian. Tattoos and piercings are common, but you’ll find natural girls on every shift as well. Dancer age range from 18+. Average dancer age is mid 20’s.

Clientele: Blue and white collar professionals, older gentlemen, younger professionals in the evenings and weekends. Couples and single women are welcome. All ethnicities  can be found at both Stars locations. Lots of international visitors.

As is tradition with all Portland are clubs, tipping at least a dollar while sitting at the stage is customary. “Making it rain” will have girls hanging on your every word all evening, but discreet tips of large bills will get the real pros to your table. If you sit at the stage without tipping at all you may get attitude flung at you by not just the dancers but the DJ and potentially the bouncers, too. If you are waiting for change, just step away from the front row until you have some cash to tip the dancers.

Both clubs have heated and covered smoking porches where your favorite dancer over 21 years old can join you for a smoke and conversation. Cigars are welcome.

Both clubs have regular promotions such as discounted or free meals, raffles and giveaways, themed parties, dancer competitions and, of course, visiting porn stars performing for you entertainment and pleasure.

Oh, and ice cream. I’m pretty sure this is the only strip club I’ve ever worked at that offers desserts on their menu all the time.


For Dancers


House Fees: $10-50 depending on arrival time.

Fines: None. Fines are illegal. If you screw up, you will be fired or suspended, not fined.

VIP fees: No fee for $20 air dances on the floor. $5 from every $40 lap dance/$15 from every 3/$100, $50 for every half hour, and $100 from every hour.

Mandatory tipout: $10 to DJ and bouncer minimum. House mom tip out is at your discretion. If you are selling a lot of rooms/ dances, tipping heavy will help smooth the process and dj’s and bouncers will help you find big spenders in the club. For very busy days I try to tip 15-20% of my take to the staff. Tip waitresses and bartenders as you would at any other restaurant.

Dressing Room: Lockers are available, but may all be in use when you arrive. Do not leave valuables unattended. Do not leave money or other valuables in your locker over night. There are cameras in the dressing room, but if you are high maintenance, management may be less than enthusiastic about helping you get any stolen items back. House mom is only available evenings Tues-Sat and tends to be unreliable.

Costumes: There is no dress code, but the nicer your outfits the more money you’ll earn. This is a gentleman’s club and the customers expect a higher level of dancer than the “girl next door” look. The house mom is a retailer of dancer clothes, shoes and accessories. Some minor cosmetic items are available for a fee (baby wipes, hair styling items, false eyelashes etc.). Pricing is competitive and the house mom will frequently offer discounts to get merchandise out the door. Layaway is available.

Dancers at Stars are mostly low drama and are not possessive of their regular customers for the most part. I usually see the most drama coming from staff and customers, but this environment will occasionally lead to a dressing room brawl. The bouncers and managers are pretty quick at breaking up any physical altercations between dancers. If you are professional and stay out of other people’s business, this shouldn’t be an issue for you at all. Of course, a slow shift and too much alcohol can lead some girls to be jerks. Just like in every other bar in the world.

I’m very happy with my earnings at Stars. Since I’ve only worked for this chain in Portland over the last year, I can’t say how it compares to other clubs. Portland, in general, isn’t a high earning city for dancers due to the large number of clubs and dancers. A new dancer to Stars who has no regular customers established but is a pretty good hustler can expect to bring home $200 a shift on average. I usually have one or two days a month where I earn nothing or end up paying out of pocket for house fees and tip out. The good days balance this out for me.


11am-6pm, 2pm-9pm, 4pm-11pm, 6pm-midnight, 8pm-2:30am.


There are 4 stages at both clubs. You are expected to be topless by the end of the 1st song and nude by the end of the second song. Poles are brass. Bridgeport has a pole on every stage, Beaverton has poles only on stages 1 and 2. Hustling the rail while another girl is performing is frowned upon. Dancers will sometimes sit with their customers and tip the dancer on stage. Hustling for dances during your stage set is normal, although not every dancer does it.

If the club is dead, you aren’t expected to perform to an empty house but you still have to be present on the stage during your set in case customers walk in. Many girls still dance during their set just for fun. You will also see them practicing pole moves during the slow times.


All dancers are independent contractors and as such are not paid a wage. The contract has something like 6 pages of rules in 10 point font. I have no idea what it says in those rules, because it is too much to remember.


I can’t say how Stars ranks for the availability of extras against other clubs, but I’ve heard other dancers say that the club is pretty high mileage. Some two-way contact is expected. Dancers wear g-strings during the dances. No masturbation shows are available at Stars as the liquor license prevents this kind of activity. If you aren’t comfortable with at least some grinding, you won’t earn much here.