A Plague is Sweeping Our Nation

o-EBOLA-VIRUS-facebookIn the news today you can get plenty of information about how Ebola is spreading, how we lack protocols, how we should lock down our borders.

In fact, only one person has died of Ebola in the US to date.

The plague that no one wants to address killed more than 30,000 Americans in 2013. Of those deaths, 50% were between the ages of 18-35. One third of the victims were under the age of 20.

You can probably guess that I’m talking about gun violence. You see it on the news every day. Maybe your child has been involved in a school lock down at some point due to gun violence.

Tonight I will be performing at a club that lost a bouncer to gun violence last January. Some reading this will have an attitude about the fact that the shooting took place inside a strip club, but the fact is the location didn’t matter to the gunman. It was gang activity that happened to stumble into this particular building.

So instead of spending so much energy worrying about how to protect yourself from Ebola, maybe you should consider how to protect yourself and your children from gun violence. In the USA your chances of dying from Ebola (so far) are 1 in 360 million.

Your chance of dying from gun violence is 1 in 300. Please feel free to commence your own personal freak out.




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