Oregon Strippers Lobby for Workplace Protections


(TL;DR)- We need input from entertainers and club employees on proposed legislation.


I’m a member of the panel that is working to improve workplace conditions for Oregon adult entertainers.


What we don’t want:

  • Unions
  • Entertainer Licensing
  • Mandatory Employee status


What we do want:

  • Clean and safe working conditions
  • A safe place to report sex trafficking activity
  • The clubs to treat Independent Contractors like Independent Contractors (I.C). (This means that entertainers can set their own schedules, choose their own music, choose their own outfits, the ability to refuse service to individuals)
  • Elimination of fines (this is illegal for Independent Contractors, employees fall into a different category when it comes to fining.)


A group of adult entertainers are meeting with state law makers and lobbyists to draft legislation to enforce industry standards and practices similar to how the health department monitors restaurants, with regular inspections to insure safety for adult entertainers.


We now have the input of club operators and managers, who were nervous at first about our proposals, but have now come to the same conclusions as the entertainers that something needs to be done to protect the clubs who treat their entertainers well, while creating a system to end abuse of entertainers by a few bad actors in the industry.


Elle Stanger is acting as our spokesperson, and has agreed to be the media liaison. The other entertainers/managers involved remain anonymous for obvious reasons.


What we have resolved so far is that we will have an Entertainer “Bill of Rights” developed with the help of the Bureau of Labor and Industries(B.O.L.I.). The bill of rights will list what a club is responsible for and what an independent contractor dancer is responsible for according to the litmus test already created by the State of Oregon.


It will likely include rights such as:


*I.C. Entertainers have the right to set their own schedules, but may have to give the venue advanced notice as to when they will be performing.

*I.C. Entertainers are not subject to fines imposed by the venue

*I.C. Entertainers have the right to select their own entertainment standards (music selection, costuming, level of customer interaction etc)


This “Bill of Rights” will be required to be posted in dressing rooms, locker rooms or wherever it is obviously visible to all entertainers working at that venue.


The “Bill of Rights” poster will also include phone numbers and websites where entertainers can report abuses and/or suspected sex trafficking of minors anonymously to B.O.L.I. It will also include crisis hotlines to help with suicide, domestic violence and mental health services for entertainers.


This will be paid out of the general tax fund. We expect the costs of implementing this program to be minimal.


We are also drafting a second bill to require that clubs that have live entertainment more than 280 days a year (approx) to acquire a license from the state. Licensing will be based on compliance with the Entertainer bill of rights.


The licensing body will be made up of industry professionals including adult entertainers, managers, DJ’s, club operators and club owners. We will decide how to police our own businesses, but we need industry professionals to make this happen.


Again, you can remain anonymous and out of the public eye. Just like clubs and businesses like XoticSpot work to keep you identity private, the licensing body would like to do the same.


Please pass this information on to anyone who may have an interest in the Adult Entertainment Industry. We need all the feed back we can get!


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