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I consider myself a sensible person. I know that good luck charms aren’t real, that there’s no such thing as ghosts and that demons and monsters and sorcerers only live in fiction.


But damn if I didn’t do an energetic cleansing on my home yesterday and today. I threw in a couple of manifesting sessions in the spirit of “The Secret.” Oh, and a prosperity candle spell. I felt like an idiot through it all. I was acting on superstition and chastising myself for even considering these rituals might have any power to affect the day’s events.


Just the same, I blessed my home and thanked the benevolent spirits for giving me a fruitful workday, and I went out the door.


I forgot all about the “law of Attraction” mumbo-jumbo I had been listening to while I fixed my hair and makeup, once I got behind the wheel. The cold weather seemed to be impacting the touch screen controls, and distracted me from manifesting energies while driving to work.


I’ll be damned if today wasn’t about the most pleasant workday I’ve had in a while. It stayed busy enough in the bar but not so busy as to feel rushed. Everyone was pleasant and in a good mood. The day moved by quickly, whereas lately I’ve found myself being a clock-watcher. The first time I checked the time, it was half an hour until the end of my shift.


It was then that I became aware of my rituals this morning. Then I remembered an article I read about Sylvia Brown the psychic; people forget the losses and only remember the wins. If I had gone through all that rigamarole and had a slow and boring day with little income (loss), I’d have internalized the situation, looking at my own performance and how I could improve myself and do a better job next time.


But when I have a win, I think that some mysterious, magical power somehow assisted me with that win. On the face, that kind of thinking seems totally backwards if one wants to remain mentally well. It’s also human nature and we all do it to some degree or another.


Does this mean that I will skip doing candle spells in favor of other activities such as reading up on selling tips? Probably not. Maybe I’ll look into high performance skill building techniques that have science behind it. Like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” Or I’ll just “Think and Grow Rich.”


17 Popular Myths About Strippers, Busted

This girl is the real deal. Thanks for Myth Busting Isabel Kennedy!

Thought Catalog


We make $1000/night, and lead glamorous lives of luxury

Yes and no. Talking averages here, that is incorrect. It’s 2014, and last time I checked, the world hasn’t recovered from the global recession. Spending money on a stripper is a luxury expense, not a mandatory one, like your light bill. Dancers are working longer hours and more shifts than a decade ago, because it’s like that now. Respect the hustle. I’d say that on average, strippers are making between $150-400/night nationwide, but there are no figures out there to validate this. Of course there are nights where sometimes we make a LOTTTT, but it’s rare. Also, take into account all the times a dancer works her entire shift, and leaves with $30, or nothing, due to “house fees” and tip out. We’ll get to this later. It’s commonplace.

We aren’t in school or don’t REALLY have a degree because…

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Kinky Boots

Relax Your Face ... the Blog

Not content to enjoy the promising messages I’ve been getting in response to my newly-reactivated OKCupid profile (this week’s winner: “The ghost in me wants to have a foursome with the ghost in you”), I crawled on over to FetLife, which claims to be “the world’s most popular FREE social network for the BDSM, Fetish & Kinky communities.” I’m certainly kink-friendly, and I figure I’ll get less of the boring vanilla bro-tripe that OKC is vomiting at me hourly. (“Are you into younger guys?” “I’m going to be in town for a conference…” “Your [sic] gorgeous.”)

Irritatingly enough, however, all of the choices to define my “Role” on FetLife are bondage/submission or otherwise master/slave-y type personas except “Other.” Other? It seems like “Good Giving & Game individual who seeks same” would merit more than a choice of “Other” … is “equal partner in whatever kink you’ve got” such…

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Respecting The Art

Most artistic pole dance competitions have stripped away the origins of pole dancing: Strip Clubs.

Pole dancing was designed to be a seduction of the audience. I see pole dances that are more gymnastics than dance. A lot of pole dancers eliminate any of the sexual origins of the dance. And that’s ok, but I kind of think it should have a different name as the emotion driving the dance is gone. Could you imagine a tango without tension?

I’ve enjoyed the male performances, but again, most are of an artistic interpretation of the original. This man brought the two elements together in this performance posted below. He seduces his audience while performing with grace and skill. I hope that I can bring this kind of energy to the stage.